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The Amazing Musandam is one of the most beautiful coastlines of Oman located between the mainland Oman and Uniter Arab Emirates. It is a peninsula with Sea of Oman and Strait of Oman almost around it. Musandam is amazing as it has some of the most diversified geographies that include serrated limestone mountain range of Hajjar dropping dizzily into the sea, emerald blue sea full of planktons supporting fantastic marine life and of course the other flora and fauna unique only to Oman Musandam.



Musandam Dibba is the strikingly beautiful coastline of Oman where Dibba is located is one of the most popular tourism spots and a must on every tourist itinerary. The nature has been very benevolent to Musandam Dibba, gifting it with steep mountain range of Hajjar, emerald blue sea full with exotic marine life and a coastline that is absolutely unspoilt.


Musandam is also called the Norway of the East due to its fjords that are formed due to continuous cutting of Hajjar mountain range by the strait of Oman. The deep inlet of fjords are host to exotic marine life including bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and various types of birds. Musandam is an outdoor aquarium presenting fish of various colours in their natural setting of green and blue corals.

Musandam is also a study of ancient history the traces of which is visible even today. There are old fishing hamlets with their century old stone houses; all remind you of days of yore. While in Musandam Dibba, you would be forgiven if you feel that you have come to a very old civilization where even the clock of nature has stopped.


Trip to Musandam Dibba is exhilarating especially if one travels from Dubai/ Sharjah as there is welcome relief from all pervading sand dunes to something greener and cooler in terms of Hajjar mountain range and pristine coastline juxtaposed to each other in perfect symmetry. 

The magnetic charm of Musandam attracts thousands of tourists including education tours of schools etc every year. A lot of families use Musandam as short holiday getaways. The trip to Musandam is a family fun for everyone. The full day, from morning to evening, is spent in being with nature at its most beautiful self.